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Ridgecrest Outdoor

Remodel + Addition

Photography by Leonid Furmansky

A wood deck in need of replacement was the impetus to redesign and update the outdoor space at our Ridgecrest project. Composite deck material was chosen to replace deteriorating wood for its low maintenance and ability to handle splashed or tracked water from the pool area. A modern steel and wood framed pavilion was designed for comfort and flexibility in all seasons. Restructure Studio, in heavy coordination with the General Contractor, custom-designed operable louvered panels on the pavilion to allow for better light control on the West facade, while maintaining the beautiful views to the North.

Adjacent to the covered pavilion, a small pool shed houses a new bathroom, changing room and pool storage space. In order to achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic, doors were designed to close flush with the wall, and custom windows were installed above to allow light into the bathroom and changing rooms but maintain privacy. The same composite deck material used at the louvered panels is reflected up the side wall of the pool shed to create a waterproof outdoor shower area that is easily accessible to swimmers.

The design created for the Ridgecrest Outdoor project fulfills our Clients’ need for beautiful, flexible and functional spaces that will stand the test of time.

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